The Empower Northeast Denver campaign is made up of local Park Hill residents that are fighting to protect the voice of the community. The neighborhood is engagiing in a visioning process with the City to determine the future of the Park Hill Golf Course. This campaign is working to protect this process and the neighborhood’s right to create a vision for the future of this property and not allow the entire city to veto the will of this community.

Mark Marshall
North Park Hill

“There are those in this city who don’t live in the neighborhood, who prioritize the tranquility they experience driving by the current golf course, over the ability of vulnerable Northeast Park Hill residents to access community stabilizing resources. I find it difficult to understand that type of value system. We need to ensure that the voice of Northeast Park Hill is leading this discussion, and that’s what our ballot initiative is about.”

Samie Burnett
NE Park Hill

“I have lived in this community since birth. I am a 3rd generation Park Hill resident, and I have experienced first hand city policies that have not directly benefited this community. Divestment and displacement of long term residents have dramatically changed this neighborhood. As residents, we have the sole right to engage in a visioning process just like any other community or neighborhood.”

LaMone Noles
NE Park Hill

“As a Denver native, I have witnessed the transformation of Northeast Park Hill from a vibrant neighborhood to one that has suffered from intentional neglect and disinvestment since the 1970’s. Long-time residents like me know what we need to do to revitalize the health and wealth of this community, and our voices need to be heard.  Neighborhood issues should not be subject to the will of people who do not live here or understand the history of this community.” 

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